Auction Sheet

Here, what’s important is that the interior grade and the exterior points are above 4. Do not go for a car which has been graded under 4 or interior below B which means that heavy modifications have been done and the car has been used roughly.

Here is a key showing all the common alphanumeric symbols and their meanings


  • A1 Small Scratch
  • A2 Medium Scratch
  • A3 Large Scratch


  • E1 Minor Dimple
  • E2 Medium Dimple
  • E3 Large Dimple


  • U1 Small Dent
  • U2 Medium Dent
  • U3 Large Dent

Repair Marks

Bodywork not perfectly straight due to panel beating
  • W1 Very Slight Wave / Repair
  • W2 Medium Wave / Repair
  • W3 Large Wave / Repair

Rust and Corrosion

Rust means surface orange discoloration. Corrosion means orange discoloration which is flaking away
  • S1 Minor Rust
  • S2 Medium Rust
  • S3 Major Rust
  • C1 Light Corrosion
  • C2 Medium Corrosion
  • C3 Severe Corrosion

Replaced parts or those needing replacing

  • X Need to be replaced
  • XX Has been replaced


  • B1 Minor Distortion
  • B2 Medium Distortion
  • B3 Major Distortion


  • Y1 Small Crack
  • Y2 Medium Crack
  • Y3 Major Crack

Windscreen Issues

  • X1 Approx. 1cm crack on windscreen
  • R Repaired Crack
  • RX Repaired crack in windscreen, but in needs to be replaced
  • X Crack in windscreen, so it needs replacing
  • FW Front windscreen


  • P1 Minor paintwork damage
  • P2 Medium paintwork damage
  • P3 Major paintwork damage
Always ask for an auction report, those dealers who are hesitant to provide you with the report is a signal for fabrications.